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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our Wholesale Liquidation Services

Where Are We Located?

Our warehouse is located in Candiac, Quebec, J5R3X8, Canada, ideally situated for easy import and export of goods to the USA. We also have the option of different shipments with FOB Toronto, Ontario.

Where Can I Find Up-to-Date Stock?

Currently, the easiest way to access our complete inventory is to subscribe to our newsletter. This way, we will send you our latest up-to-date surplus liquidation offers.

What Quantity Should I Buy to Do Business with You?

We offer several options based on the volume your business may need. You can purchase full truckloads, buy from a single pallet, or acquire lots when available. For lots, we may have boxes, particularly for items like shoes or cosmetics, etc.

Do You Provide a Manifest?

Whether we provide a manifest depends on the merchandise. The majority of our surplus liquidation offers come with a complete or partial manifest (details, quantity, UPC, etc.). Sometimes, merchandise arrives without a manifest, and in such cases, the price is usually lower than a lot with a complete manifest. This is more common for general merchandise.

How Can I Pay?

For purchases of pallets or truckloads, payment methods include direct deposit, bank transfer, or cash. For smaller purchases of lots or boxes, we can accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, with a 3% fee.

What Are the Shipping Costs?

Shipping costs vary based on the number of units, weight, and distance. Shipping costs are not included in the load rates. You can choose your carrier and arrange transport yourself. We can also obtain quotes for you, taking advantage of our volume discounts with carriers. You can also pick up the merchandise yourself from our warehouse in St. Jean sur Richelieu.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Absolutely, we can ship to the USA or other countries. We work with specialists in international transportation and export. Please contact us at +1 450-993-2121 for more information.

Can I Return Merchandise?

In this field, purchases are always "as-is." Merchandise is sold without manufacturer warranties and without implied or explicit warranties. Amabec Liquidation will not be held responsible for the sale or quality of the merchandise. As a wholesale liquidation company, we understand there is a risk in buying surplus, returns, or overstock items. However, our experience in purchasing and selling in this field assures you that you won't have any surprises, with maximum details and photos before you make your purchase.