Last year, we purchased over $10,000,000 worth of liquidation merchandise.
Increase your liquidity.
Start contacting us now for your surplus stock and quickly increase your liquidity.
Free up space
Free up space now by selling us your inventory, especially during this time when storage costs are high.
With trucks in Ontario and Quebec, we can quickly pick up the merchandise.
Amabec Liquidation has been the leading wholesale liquidation company in Quebec for over 7 years!
More than $0

 worth of liquidation merchandise.

Do you need liquidity for yourself or your business?

Contact us to let us know about the merchandise you have for sale, whether you are in Quebec, Canada, or the USA.Below, you will find tips on how we can consider your offer and provide you with the best possible price.Our buying interests include:

  1. General consumer products in demand.
  2. Store closures and bankruptcies.
  3. Branded products.
  4. Overstock inventory.
What we don't buy

We are not interested in:

  1. Incomplete parts or items.
  2. Used items (except for untested store returns).
  3. Merchandise requiring refrigeration.
  4. Outdated electronics.
To assess the merchandise.

We do not pay the original price of the merchandise; instead, we pay a percentage of that amount. You should have an idea of what you can recover through the liquidation process of your merchandise.The liquidation process involves various costs such as marketing, transportation, and logistics. Therefore, the seller should expect to recover only a percentage of the purchase price, and that's if a buyer is found.To get the best price for the merchandise, the seller should ensure they have certain essential information:

  1. A detailed description of the merchandise to be liquidated.
  2. If there are many different items, you will need to provide an Excel file with several columns: Description, Quantity, SKU or UPC codes, Purchase value, and Resale value.

In this industry, some sellers may seek to take advantage of the trust of buyers, which is why proof of ownership of the merchandise and various documents will be requested. Beware of scammers.Thank you for sending us your offers and allowing us the time to evaluate them. Please include your email and phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible.



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